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The complete effectiveness of salts against fungi, in fact, is easily seen, especially where there is an abundance and great concentration of them: that is, in the thermal sacks where it is impossible to discover any fungin reproduction. This is because the great quantity of salts, by making the “terrain” completely inorganic, eliminates the slightest organic fonts that the fungi could use for nourishment. In this context, sodium bicarbonate, which is currently used particularly in children’s oral candidoses, appears to be a simple and handy weapon capable of uprooting, inhibiting, or attenuating any neoplastic formation wherever it is possible to apply it easily. This anti-neoplastic power of “carbonates”, by the way, was already known to Indian populations, as documented by the ancient Veda books, where indications are supplied on how to prepare solutions and how to use them against neoplastic

The anti-tumoral action of sodium bicarbonate, furthermore, is indicated today in many world-class studies. These studies, however, only highlight its anti-acid power, which is somehow able to inhibit the genetic instability on a degenerative basis (such is the thinking of these scholars) which in turn is responsible for cellular hyper-productive reaction.

Theoretically and on the basis of the considerations given above, if we find treatments which can expose the fungus to high concentrations of bicarbonate, we should observe the regression of the tumoral masses. That has actually happened in many cases treated with this technique.

* Excerpt from the book Cancer is a Fungus – chapter 4 by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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