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The battle to defeat the causes of tumors, however, must first be undertaken against a socio-cultural status quo which is as stifling as it is deeply rooted. Furthermore, individual prejudice, commonplaces, and conformist attitudes that have been seeded and cultivated in the minds of the people by the media must be fought. These attitudes are aimed at numbing any ability to think, to analyze and to open the mind towards anyone who has something new to say.

The battle in fighting cancer
So in reality, the battle against cancer consists of two distinct battles. The first is against the physical disease itself; the second one is against the mental posture of both those who want to keep their privileges and those who, because of social indoctrination, do not seem interested in trying new ways. I believe that the latter battle is the toughest and the longest – but only by winning it can we be successful with the former.

It is quite true that there are many charlatans and deluded people. This observation, however, cannot be a valid reason to close the door to progress and innovation, especially when, as is the case here, no other valid solutions are at hand.

* Excerpt from the book ‘Cancer is a Fungus – Chapter 1 by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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