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The solution emerges as soon as we turn to clinical experience which, combined with a wealth of descriptive elements, can only suggest that the mycetes or fungus is the sole agent responsible.
It is the only one that can explain the incubation, rooting, course, and symptomatology of tumors. There are also several clinical considerations in favor of this theory.

1) Generally speaking, a bacteriological infection with a non-occasional pathogenic character causes elevated levels of exhaustion and the regression of exhaustion in a short time. It is accompanied by an elevated fever, it generally produces a pathology of the organs with related symptomatology which is globally stereotyped.

Its action, therefore, takes place in a determined organ and in a precise temporal space.

2) A viral infection exclusively of the endocellular type is characterized by such rapidity, and ensuing hyper-pyretic climax (high fever), as to be sometimes instantaneous because of the viruses’ small dimensions, which allow for immediate diffusion.

Chronic pathology
Its action takes place and terminates in an extremely short time, with cellular effects that are exclusively necrotizing, but not in the direction of a metaplastic induction power. In the cases where, instead, chronic pathology is produced, such as cirrhotic hepatitis, the causal agent can be found easily.

3) The morbid manifestations of bacterial origin with a more marked tendency to become chronic belong to that species of germs that show as mycetes, or, rather, their spores do, with a high content of lipids (fatty acids) in their structure.

It is for this reason that the bacillus of a chronic bacterial disease such as tuberculosis is called a mycobacterium.

4) Even real oncogenic viruses (actually rare) for which an actual malignancy in animals has been observed show a high lipid content in their structure.

From everything we have considered so far, the most logical and real cause of neoplastic proliferation would seem to be a fungus, and most likely one of those somehow pathogenic to humans.

* Excerpt from the book ‘Cancer is a Fungus – chapter 3 by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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