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Basically, everyone can lead his life and be free to “waste” his energies – his neurological charge – as he wants and in the ways he sees fit. His behavior has an effect at the corporeal level which can eventually be quantified at the medical level. As much as one lives that much one wastes, and this has consequences at the corporeal level.

What we must do is highlight the concrete joining element of the two compartments, which can be found by not moving exclusively on this or that level, but by identifying the common denominator that generates all the manifestations of the human being.

If we analyze the various components of the organism more carefully, it is easy to notice how the function of conjoining and cementing can be performed only by the nervous tissue, which is the only one capable of absorbing and utilizing signals of somatic origin, and then converting these into the bio-magnetic nervous substance necessary to the activities of a superior order.

Psychic and somatic functions
Once we accept the existence of a mechanism of interdependence between psychic and somatic (or corporeal) functions through the nervous tissue, it becomes evident how the dynamics of a disease exist either in an insufficient regeneration or in an exhaustion of the nervous substance, both representing in practice the pathologic moments that are the object of both areas.

The deficiency demonstrated by the two different approaches to health is not, therefore, in the inadequacy of the theoretical apparatus of either, but in their dissociation, which makes them unable to account for the global character of the disease.

All in all, a morbid event is not determined exclusively by an organic or psychic imbalance – or by the algebraic sum of the two – but is almost always the result of an overall psycho-physical dysfunction.

In practice, that simply means the implementation of either a theory and practice of medicine for the body without neglecting the spiritual aspects, or a theory and practice of medicine which, in treating the psychic sphere, also includes the corporeal dimension and converges towards that common nervous level that is the expression of biological identity.

* Excerpt from the book ‘Cancer is a Fungus – Chapter 2 by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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