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My book – chapter 5 Clinical cases

Some of the clinical cases mentioned in the book Cancer is a Fungus.

Terminal carcinoma of uterine cervix

[…] After the intervention, since one abdominal catheter was added to the two nephrostomic apparatuses – thus increasing the danger of infection – Dr. Simoncini prescribed five vials of antibiotics to be injected intramuscularly. The sodium bicarbonate was also prescribed as a vaginal douche so that the tumoral action was circumscribed as much as possible. The doctor returned to Rome after making sure of having explained everything with the maximum possible clarity, and after confirming his availability for further clarifications and intervention .
The day after, the patient was already improving, and that was confirmed by the family doctor during his visit. As the days went by, the improvements became more and more evident, as the fever quickly diminished and eventually disappeared, while there was no longer any need for antibiotics other than those prescribed by Doctor Simoncini. In the meantime, Gabriella again felt the stimulus to urinate naturally while intestinal evacuation went back to normality and regularity. […]

Peritoneal carcinosis in adenocarcinoma of endometrium

[…] The CAT check performed on September 6 has highlighted a stabilization when compared with the previous scan of May 2002, while the previous thickenings likely due to peritoneal carcinosis are no longer visible. […]

Relapsing bladder neoplasia; nephrectomy due to renal metasis

After 15 months of vesical “rinsing” performed in cycles with sodium bicarbonate at 5% solution and oral administration of the same substance, the patient was doing well, and had not undergone painful instillations for over a year. Furthermore, lab tests gave negative results for neoplastic disease and, most importantly, the fear and the anguish for the danger of the disease attacking the other kidney began to disappear.

Some other well documented cases are:
Hepatocarcinoma with pulmonary metastasis
Hepatic metastases from colangiocarcinoma after surgical intervention.
Ewing’s Sarcoma

* Excerpt from the book Cancer is a Fungus – chapter 5 by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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