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My book – introduction

An imaginary time traveler coming from the 1800s seeing the progress that has been made would certainly be struck positively by the current state of public health.

Continuous improvement
That notwithstanding, the goals of earlier generations cannot have the same value for those who are experiencing current medical problems as they had for people in the past. In other words, the level of health that we have reached – which is never to be taken for granted or as a stable situation – needs continuous improvement towards ever greater and more satisfactory levels of well-being. These can be reached only with relentless vigilance and commitment to the elimination of errors and distortions, the prevention of abuses, and the conceiving of new solutions.

These aspects are becoming more pressing because, for a number of years, many have begun to sense that medicine is becoming stalled. It has become too anchored in outdated concepts, and incapable of proposing innovative ones upon which to build new foundations for medical knowledge.

There is a pressing need for new, life-giving sap to impart vigor to an asphyxiating theoretical structure whose philosophy, research, and practice no longer seem attuned with our times. The advanced and demanding society in which we live is no longer satisfied with knowledge from physics and chemistry dominating the combating of any disease. The need to research and introduce therapies that take the integrity and the permanence of a human being into account is emerging more and more forcefully in our society. This must be in the widest economic field of health as possible, and that is adequate to face those degenerative and chronic diseases that today can no longer be fought with current therapies that are narrow, limited, and obsolete.

Many thinkers – especially biologists – believe that by applying the Darwinian theory to the evolution of living beings, it may be possible to progress down a new path when it comes to the so-called degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiopathies, and mental illness. According to this line of thought, these diseases are not attributable to environmental or genetic factors as is presently believed, but to infections.

Therefore, the answer to the question of what causes a degenerative disease can be found in the discipline that more than anything else has given luster to medicine, and which has promoted medicine from a mere practice to a science, that is microbiology.

* Excerpt from the book ‘Cancer is a Fungus’ by Dr. Tullio Simoncini

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