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My oncological infectiontheory

The Ministry of Health, Italian and foreign oncological institutes, and oncological associations were therefore made aware of my studies and my results, but there was no acknowledgement at all. All I could find were colleagues, more or less qualified, who tended to be condescending and who seemed only to be able to speak the magic word:genetics.

“We’ll never get to heaven like that,” I mused. In fact, I found myself in a situation with no way out. I had so many great ideas and some positive results, but no opportunity to check them with patients affected by tumors in an authoritative scientific context.

Critical attitude

I chose to be patient and to continue to get results, treating patient after patient and at the same time trying to get known by as many people as possible, especially in the environment of those alternative medicines where at least there was openness and an opportunity to contact professionals who already had a critical attitude towards official medical thinking. It was in that process that, for the lack of any alternative, I started navigating on the Internet, where I soon found those contacts, those friends, and those consensuses that allowed me to spread my theories but – even more importantly – they gave me the psychological thrust needed to continue my personal fight against a sea of sterility and self-evidence in official medicine.

Go public

I took comfort from the knowledge that my idea, my little flame, would not go out but could take root somewhere. I started to hope again that, given the validity of the message, it would sooner or later find a way to be shared and accepted by an ever-growing number of people. I was slowly able in that way to get my oncological infection theory known and to expose it to the public through conferences, interviews, and conventions. All that widened my field of action and gave me the opportunity to accumulate a remarkable amount of experience and clinical results.

Friends made me understand, however, that my therapies with sodium bicarbonate solution, although they were effective, needed a methodological evolution, as some types of cancer could either not be reached in any way or reached only in an insufficient manner.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate administered orally, via aerosol or intravenously can achieve positive results only in some neoplasias, while others – such as the serous ones of the brain or the bones – remain unaffected by the treatment. For these reasons, I got in touch with several colleagues, especially interventionist radiologists, and I was finally able to reach those areas of the body that had previously been inaccessible. This was achieved through positioning appropriate catheters either in cavities for peritoneum and pleura, or in arteries to reach other organs.




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