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The boasting of the oncologic statistics

One of the most controversial and contradictory arguments of oncology is no doubt that concerning the survival statistics of cancer patients. According to these statistics, one person out of two officially recovers.

Although dramatic, the information nevertheless contains a certain amount of hope, as implicitly it provides something positive for both scientists and patients. To the scientists it says: continue the research as started because it is producing results; do not try alternative theoretical or therapeutic roads, nor get discouraged by the fact that patients keep on dying every day. To the patients, on the other hand, it provides a warning: you have a 50 per cent chance of making it, as long as you follow the conventional therapeutic protocols without trying useless alternatives.

Scientific and psychological gag

But in practice, the statistical data presented acts as a scientific and psychological gag for those who, sensing the bankruptcy of official oncology, rightfully feel compelled to send it to hell once and for all for the following reasons.

  • Statistics aside, just by recalling our personal acquaintances we can see that those who escape a real cancer can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
  • Official therapies produce effects that are devastating and often deadly.
  • Many of those patients who move away from the official treatments live better and longer.
  • The prospect of discovering the cause of cancer is at least 10 years away.

On the one hand, therefore, we have experience and evidence telling us to shy away from conventional oncological therapies, while on the other hand, that flag showing us a 50% survival rate is waved in our faces as if it were a guarantee of success.

It is clear that if this information could be confuted even partially, the castle of oncology would crumble immediately.




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