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The lies of orthodox oncology

For a long time now we have become used to expecting to hear news about the progress and the scientific conquests of humanity with great interest, from the discovery of lunar rocks to that of water on Mars, and from the cloning of Dolly the sheep to solar-powered automobiles.

We are always awed and fascinated by the cognitive potential of humanity, while feeling a deep sense of admiration for that scientist or researcher who has been able to obtain some exceptional result.

This positive feeling is astutely exploited in medicine, and especially in oncology, to either mask or soften the bankrupt condition in which these two disciplines have been for two decades, while successfully convincing public opinion that what is done is the most that can be done.


As in a skillfully directed movie, an important discovery in genetics, molecular biology or other field is published with an almost monthly cadence – a discovery capable of enabling the production of new drugs that are effective against cancer.
However, these discoveries that are trumpeted by the media everywhere are like meteors in the sky that punctually fade in the dark and are promptly forgotten.

In this way, scientists who in reality conclude nothing, manage to achieve two objectives, that of bamboozling society in spite of the fact that premature death affects it as a tornado would, and to continue to get financing and grants for studies that are as useless as they are endless.

Important elements

The strategy implemented to perpetuate this grotesque situation is based on several important elements.

1st – adoption of a field of investigation – genetics and molecular biology – which is not accessible to the large majority of people, doctors included.

2nd – refining and restriction of research to the most infinitesimal level of investigation, which can only be undertaken with extremely expensive and sophisticated instrumentation.

3rd – production of a symbolic language that is very complex and articulate, thus difficult to acquire and master in its structure, and in its constant change.

4th – exclusive recognition to those biologists who have cognitive and interpretive power of molecular phenomena, with the consequent marginalization of the role of the physician.

5th – production of emotionally suggestive subjects of research chosen from a sea of obviousness, nevertheless emphasized each time as milestones in the battles against cancer.

6th – media propaganda sustained by a powerful and dense network of scientific, journalistic, and political collusions.

7th – magnification and divulging of successes of oncological research which in reality are either false or random.

8th – repression and control by means of institutional and methodological barriers of currents of thought that are either innovative or critical of the system.




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