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dr tullio simoncini

The willingness to change

In the future – I hope soon – I am convinced that it will be possible to treat and cure any tumor within 15-30 days with either a pill or an injection in the morning and in the evening when there is targeted pharmacological research. But, again, we now have to work with what we have.

Since the administration of bicarbonate is valid and simple to perform, we must act as much as possible on empowering the defensive abilities of the organism and attempting to exploit all the facilitating elements.

We can contemplate the future of benefits and knowledge that the application of this simple technique will bring. A great vista will open for medicine where all therapeutic methods and conceptions of health currently held will have substance and a logical rationale.

It may have been still possible 40, 30, or even 20 years ago to somehow convince people of the goodness of official oncology and of its results, but today, after results that are as continuous as they are inane, although trumpeted regularly by the media, nobody accepts being seduced by words, hypotheses, and promises that are undelivered and undeliverable any longer.

Painful awareness

The painful awareness, which almost everyone has experienced, of the miserable end of this or that relative, friend, or acquaintance, is associated with these failures.

We must surrender to the evidence that contemporary oncology is incapable of giving us the answers and the necessary therapy to those who are cancer patients and that, therefore, it is our moral and ethical obligation to try to find the correct solution for the gravest and most painful disease of our time.

Fungin infection theory

The fungin infection theory and the cases we have presented represent a new way of perceiving tumoral diseases by rejecting the myth of the genetic causality of cancer. In my opinion, the fungin theory is the only successful logical option today.

Furthermore, when considering that the successes and the recoveries we have described have been obtained by operating in a non-continuous and unfavorable manner, it is legitimate to assume that with appropriate structures and equipment, the results could become extraordinary and could give back the hope of life to hundreds of thousands of people in the world.

Unfortunately, the current representatives of the medical intelligentsia worldwide do not seem to able to comprehend something that, although simple and self-evident as this anti-cancer therapy is, nevertheless falls outside their habits and their narrow sectorial knowledge.

Furthermore, with their network of scientific acquaintances and collusions, with their conformity, politics, economics and media powers, they represent a formidable obstacle to the victory over cancer. For these people, anyone who thinks or looks for solutions in a different way must be put aside or suppressed altogether.

Unite and cooperate

We need the help of those who work in the health sector and in politics as well as those people of integrity who are capable of seeing beyond simple and bleak conformity, and especially beyond the social and economic returns conformity brings, in order to unlock the current status quo which so painfully afflicts so many so intimately.

We need an effort of association, cooperation, and even spiritual complicity today that is capable of dismantling structures that are based and built on mistakes and lies. As to genetics and its portents, we will soon realize that in the deep darkness of ignorance too many have mistaken the light of a match for that of the sun.




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