prostate cancer

Please be advised that for type of treatments requiring only dropping, whashing, drinking and for psoriasis or skin cancer the supervision of a doctor is indicated. For other type of cancer the involvement of a doctor is mandatory.


Prostate cancer

  • Locate a port cath in the axillary cavity from where a catheter reaches the prostate artery.
  • Administer 400-500 ml 5% sodium bicarbonate every day, 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles
  • Then Cat Scan or MRI

Ten days break then repeat the cycle, 6 days on 10 days off

Side effects: bruise and infection in the arm; tiredness, thirst

Take many drinks, lot of sugar and lot of salt in the meals
Dietary supplements ie. Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin complex etc. (K, Mg, etc.)