Dr. Simoncini

Full lenghth video interview including subtitles in many languages

300-dr-tulio-simonciniDr. Simoncini  attends to many congresses and medical conferences in Italy and abroad. Among the venues where he has presented are the International Oncology Convention, Treviso, Italy (2000); Convention on Holistic Medicine in Oncology, Udine, Italy (2006); International Anti-Aging Convention, Paris, France (2008), the Convention on Natural Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona (2008), the 36th Annual Cancer Convention in Los Angeles (2008) and multiple lectures in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010).

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Cancer the forbidden cures

 Fungal Hypothesis

img-300-sodium-bicarbonate-oralA complation of these events and a clear explaination of the Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate therapy is shown in “the Fungal Hypothesis”. This is the last part of the video “Cancer the forbidden Cures” by Mazzimo Mazzucco.

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Richie Allen Show

The People’s Voice

richie allen showThe Richie Allen Show is a weekly live broadcast on the internet provided by The People’s Voice.

The People’s Voice (TPV) is a free-to-watch service established to give a voice to those that never have the opportunity to appear in the mainstream media and have their views, opinions and experiences discussed and communicated.

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