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The solution found

The solution found

From experience after experience, I understood that the raison d’ètre of these alternative movements was the inability of conventional medicine to solve the problems of patients who seemed, instead, to get greater benefits from those therapies which evaluated them and treated them as a whole being and not only with limited symptomatological remedies.

It is when I was implementing a naturopathic set-up for my career that I had the idea that cancer could be caused by fungus. As I was treating a patient affected by psoriasis with corrosive salts, I understood that the salts worked because they were destroying something. And that something were fungi.


From that realization my mind followed a syllogistic path that was to give me the solution I had been waiting for so long: if psoriasis, an incurable disease, is caused by a fungus, then it is possible that cancer, another incurable disease, could be caused by a fungus. That link was what started all the experiences, the experiments, the verifications and the results, through relentless and “underground” work that brought great professional satisfaction to me and that allowed me to perfect a therapy that is very efficacious against neoplastic masses, that is, against fungin colonies.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Once the causal role of fungi in neoplastic proliferation was hypothesized the problem of how to attack them in the intimacy of the tissues arose, since in those areas it was not possible to use salts that were too strong. It then came to my mind that in the oro-pharyngeal candidosis of breast-fed babies, sodium bicarbonate was a quick and powerful weapon capable of eliminating the disease in three of four days. I thought that if I could administer high concentrations orally or intravenously I might be able to obtain the same result. So I started my tests and my experiments, which provided me immediately with tangible results.

Additional information

  • About Dr. Simoncini
    Dr. Tullio Simoncini discovered that the cause of cancer is a fungus and tries hard to persuade scientists how wrong are the actual theories on cancer. His therapy based on the strongest antifungal substance, sodium bicarbonate, is harmless and very effective and should be adopted all over the world.
    simoncini cancer therapy
  • Summary of the therapy
    For about 100 years, the fundamental theory behind cancer has been based on the hypothesis that it is a malfunctioning of the genes. This point of view implies that cancer is intracellular. My point of view however is that cancer is a fungal infection, and therefore an extra cellular phenomenon.
    simoncini cancer therapy
  • The treatment with sodium bicarbonate
    My methods have cured people for over 25 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up. The best way to try to eliminate a tumour is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible.
    sodium bicarbonate
  • Treatment protocols
    Please notice that cancer treatments using drops, whashes or drinking the control of a doctor is indicated. This is also the case when it concerns psoriasis or most skin cancers. For other types of cancer (of internal organs) the involvement of a doctor is always neccessary.

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